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televisions and then there are mitsubishi, they're the leaders in technology only think of the big football stadiums, they do create those, would be good to your favorite movie theater this is the same technology so it is like a movie theater in your 206 $10.99 and every time we've done it to be sheet it has gone into the customer pack. i have been working out but check this out. in a john eastman needs to help me. hello. >>guest: i took it to you was about to go over backwards. >>guest: and >>host: knows everything there3 an about televisions and more importantly, nobody knows more about the lp or home theaters than you. there really are the best. >>guest: they make more dlp tepees and in the other manufacturers combined. it is digital light processing and if he could to a movie theater 80 percent in this country do feature premium dlp and of the washington and it was getting quality, grape color saturation in amazing definition, high resolution in your not losing some of the impact you normally would get when you get a lesser technology in the same dlp technology that you find it
society had generated technology and political networks that seemed to have conquered the globe. at this point, it was not only possible to go around the world. it had become a poplar past time. representation of doing a circumnavigation became playful, entizing -- enticing even joy us. there were costs. not all of them hidden. there seemed to be hidden glories making an swing around the planet. over the 20th century and now to the 21st century. the confidence has given way to doubt. technology logically now reforms of travel especially airplane and rocket propelled safe travel -- safe 19th century. equally, it's now clear that imperialism ha smoothed way for early under political and social conditions that would be unwise and unjust. above all, there's a growing sense of the planet as again beginning to bite back or slug us off. now that the environmental cost have begun to hunt us. we live with all three legacies of around the world travel. a reemerging fear that the planet could slug us off. continuing confident we might be able to generate technologies and political alliance
important technological changes. obviously there was steam. steam have been around for generation or more. the application of universal use of steam and warships both on the blockade and those attempting to run the blockades, rifled guns just as rifled muskets. rifled artillery extended the range and accuracy of the ship can it. thereby elevating the impact of warships over guns ashore. going into the civil war the general notion was 10 guns ashore will defeat 10 guns upload every time. mainly because they don't sink. but with the new rifle, ordnance and explosive shells changes the balance of the. and, of course, the one that everybody recalls is armor. ship armor. we talked last time i think about that. the famous battle. and even the emergence of the suffering. so technologically there's all this going on. but also, and you mentioned manpower, the size of the navy dramatically -- were used to -- 16,000, at sea, they community began with 42 ships. the confederacy began for practical persons -- purposes with known to both are dramatically expanding the size, and that means bringing more
that you go, the technology is that difference. you cannot duplicate. if you have been on the sidelines if it has a large charging base you do not need to plug this, batteries are included pop this in your suitcase when you travel i keep mine in my handbag i used to wrap my toothbrush and toilet paper. or cute. gibbons' that i have made to iceland summit. 6 c13 is fun and functional. you want to get colors and stains off of your teeth. you can use your toothbrush effectively. daughter had a problem with cartertartar but the last time we that dentist said her teeth are in better shape because of technology. you know with your teeth feel fresh and clean and polish? that is the feeling you are going to get with slim summit. >>host: and there are seven reasons to get this. --and there are so many reasons to get--that is the feeling you are going to get with slim sonic. >>host: you have three gifts under $10 each. head and you get three additional brush had spurteheads. when you need more we sell five tax-free this is a smart choice we are prescient the ortiz, and fresh breath but some
at the forefront of anything that could help us from the technology world. we got the database together back in the early '80s and were one of the first to go onto a computer system. so once you got -- we wrapped our mind around that project, then we were able to make the store more profitable. but over the years, um, well, most recently is that in order to diversify we started our own digital book-on-demand business called the troy bookmakers where we make books. we literally physically make books. we take the manuscript, we format it into a book, we print the pages, we dip it in glue, we trim it up, slap a cover on it, and we make beautiful books. for our local authors that want to self-publish and also for some of the, you know, for some of the professors that want to do textbooks, for people that want to do family cookbook, you name it. but we stay, we've stayed right at the cutting edge of digital printing technology. and the other avenue that we've gone down to to stay on top of things is we've started our own publishing company called staff picks press. and the inspiration for it was,
help us from the technology world. we got the database together back in the early 80s and we were one of the first to go on the -- and we wrap their mind around that project and we were able to make the store more profitable. but over the years, most recently in order to diversify, we started our own digital book on demand business called the toy bookmakers, where we make books, literally physically make books. we take the manuscript. we formatted into a book. we print the pages. we did that include. we trim it up, slap a cover on it and we make beautiful books. for our local authors that want to self-publish and also for some of the you know, some of the professors for textbooks, for people that want to do a famous cookbook. we stay right at the cutting-edge of print technology and the other avenue we have gone down to to stay on top of things as we started our own publishing company called fast success. the inspiration for it was of course if we found a manuscript that we loved, we knew that we could sell it, so we just had to find the right author, the right manuscript and so we ar
at the end of the show i believe? >>guest: you are getting the bluetooth technology and the media streamer the movie houses are going blu- ray now. when you add the media streaming capability and turning your tv the you invested a lot of money to a smart tv and you can use it as a slide show and there a usb port in the toshiba streamer and blu-ray player. i do not have to hook up another device becomes a multimedia center and turn your tv with high- definition in great picture quality for media experience and you are streaming directly to it and you are streaming her family photos and in this so much more than a media player. >>host: we will bring the item number of bundt www.hsn.com but if you want to shop this and other electronic items you can do that by going to www.hsn.com.true 1080 p item 198-9 810. darrell if you can check on this tv, it is brilliant. >>guest: screen is arepa what i love wirelessly the blu- ray player was invalid take all these family memories and projected on the tv because of the usb port. you have the blu-ray player hooked up to your tv and let's go back to medi
. but carson was aware that there was a similar technology that had developed on a parallel track, one that also got started in 1839, was developed during the war and came into wide use of that is the right word after the war. she got this other technology offered a parallel example that the public could understand and this was one of the important premises of "silent spring" was trying between pesticides and associate elegy, which was this one. now that is an animation. that is not a real explosion. to see it from that distance can ever take eight or nine minutes for the soundwave to get to you if you are far enough to see an explosion like that. but it illustrates what i'm talking about. this is not animation. this is the explosion that occurred on march 1st 1954 at bikini atoll and the marshall islands in the south pacific. this was the first hydrogen bomb. dirt than one device a few months before this period was a practical bomb. it is as big as a building and can be with the nice. but this is something that could be put on an airplane and trapped somewhere. this is called the cast
technology in making its appeal to us today, in a very convenient3 portable sewing machine with a stainless steel bed to you do not have to worry about the pen scratching, like you do not have to worry about catching them get launcher raise, if an automatic and needled the rhetoric in see the light underneath, plenty of light and this is the lever that you will pull menu to automatic button hole. i do want to show you, all of the accessories will be stored on board at your fingertips it is easy to access the peak with the machine and to show you how those work. get what touche take these off and show you, this is the only machine and the line of the one at the bottom stability in the battle legs will keep the machine from working on heavy items such as aid to take cover, i large draperies because we know that you will be doing the core projects with this. this does have the extra stability and also does have an interior all metal frame on the inside, i know you cannot open here and show you but it is metal frame, it will keep it from shaking, stabilize it and it does keep everything, the st
of it. it is now about making computer technology so much easier and of course we have our friend bill duggan who is back. that if there is a computer that is famous notre hsn but the world over it is the is lightweight and gives you the performance of a high-end computer it is everything all in one. is >>guest: so and so sexy. you 1 this keyboard is6 c13 back lead keyboard and you can compute in the dark it is a glass soft pad and the metal casing is all one piece of metal so if it drops it is one solid piece it will crack. what you will be receiving is a phenomenal construction and it is the thickness of the time so you could take it wherever you go. you can spin around and see how beautiful it is a and i want a pen out all these amazing ports sweater built- in you have an slot for you to picture camera and pitchers, 2 usb ports and usb three technology which will allow you to transfer data that a standard usb you have a thunderbolt and that is something that intel and apple developed to allow you to transfer it permission 10 times faster than usb since you can in the south at a fa
to it all the time. i am happy you chose the kindle. anyone that really loves technology and wants to function beautifully, the kindle is such a great choice. >>host: will you friend me on facebooked? i would love for you to chat with me to find13 what you think and especially since you are trying a tablet for the -- first timethe the first time. -- i bought the vipre today's special that had 10 licenses and does that work with this? >>guest: the one that was the today's special works on computers but we do have one for tablet' show everyone right now. >>host: we are going to say goodbye and happy holidays. he >>caller: you also. >>host: thank you for shopping with the today's special. >>guest: you guys who are asking about the vipre the best thing is that not only does itprotect your tablets but if it is stolen it will locate it for you. you can erase the informational retrieve the information in the highly recommend vipre because it works on any android device. it will cover to mobile phones and a tabletas long as their android products. >>host: recommeni am going to get th
to using the in digital technology and were very excited about the transition because it makes it faster, cheaper, more efficient to get it good reading material when they need it. the service is designed for the government to be sure that people have equitable access to these material in the spirit of public libraries in this country. we have over 15,000 libraries. with more public libraries than donald. we had a chance of a service like this to be sure everyone has a chance to be well-informed citizen come which obviously is most critical, but also to enjoy the rewards of being able to read great novels and great literature and be part of the world around us. we call ourselves the talking book and braille library. we could probably call ourselves a talking book library in part because braille is not as popular as it used to be. braille is expensive to produce, it uses a lot of paper. it is a paper-based technology. new addition just came out in the past couple weeks. pretty amazing and pretty important reference tool. in braille, 107 volume, 107 volumes. i don't know how many, 20, 30 s
the energy crisis. and a few years, nearly five on my machine technologies that transform petroleum industry in the past five years, the horizontal tracking and other developments that have made it possible with a much smaller surface reached much larger tropes of fuel than in the past. the green energy sources that consumed the most valuable part of the global environment, which is the surface of the earth, air above all soils on the surface of the earth. you know, you have cells in windmills and biofuels and all of these systems waste what is important, which is the surface it ears, while ignoring the almost infinite tropes of energy below the surface of the earth that can be reached with a very small footprint of usable land. >> what is all true wisdom and how does that fit into the capitalist system? >> all true wisdom is an orientation towards the needs of others. i believe capitalism is intrinsically altruistic. that is to say that capitalism is based on making investment without any assurance that others will respond to god. capitalist investments only work if they respond imaginative
and that 3 d screen and touchscreen on the bottom.nobody else operas this technology and they released it at the end of august by the time christmas comes around everybody will 1 this was a strategic move by nintendo. you know what it is an incredible point i will leave it to you. >>host: your new shopper our regular chopper here hsn new can purchase this with any credit card it will get it home for you 7 $5 we ship it to you within 48 and i know you were kiddicutting it very close for holiday gifts just we have also the extended holiday return because you have all wait till the end january so for the or nephews and nieces you want to give it to you how to the end of january to return it if they do not absolutely adore the system. you know have to pay ever stocking feet because we make it easy here for you hsn. i want you to know that this is the6 c13 consol that will grow with will not only pplay games but it will also serve% social media if you want to buy this beautiful pink is only available here hsn it is only exclusive here and we have more quantities available we also have a g
the post and they are also going to be bring you is a hand filled looks like technology because it is different from a lot of the other other pillows the comfort and experiences unsurpassed to get a pair $39.75, a customer definitely try them out because you will absolutely above them and bad experiences first and foremost brought to you by concierge collection we did bring it out the absolute final quantities that we have for you right now and you want to upgrade the guest bedroom, if you want to upgrade the feel of your bed super soph incredible feeling you have to get that order in process right now and i do not want to be pressuring you but you really have their trust because there are 200 left and that is across all of these sizes.twin full, king, california king, that is like the 30 and every single size twin and full already for last callhave to apologize for the and what about your bad, the what extra comfort and cushion in soft experience this is the way to do it. these hand filled mattress pad and not only do you protect the life of your matches that you did get these
of anything that could help us in the technology world. we got the database together back in the early 80s and were one of the first to go onto a computer system. so we wrapped her mind around that project, they were able to make the story more profitable. but over the years, most recently is in order to diversify we started our own digital book on demand called the trade bookmakers, where we make books. we've literally, physically make books. we take the manuscript, format it into a book, print the pages commented domingo, minette, sloppy cover on it and we made beautiful books for our local authors that want to self publish and also for some of the professors that want textbooks, for people that want to do a family coat look, you name it. we stay right cutting edge of digital printing technology. and the other avenue we've gone down to the stay on top of things is arab publishing company called staff picks prius and the inspiration for it was of course fast fix. we knew if we found a manuscript that we loved, we knew we could sell it. so we just had to find the right author, the rate a n
know you are excited, this is exciting technology. you saw how fastvideo. like we were just saying you are not waiting or getting frustrated. you know what that means?you are not getting fed up.argonaut fed up with your old computer? i was. -- are you not you want faster downloads, you want faster internet. you want faster email. if you are like our caller from florida who had visual acuity problems. i want to be able to see what i am texting.u download the application and text for free on my telephone i cannot see what is going on. if you got it because it is easier to see. forget the fact it is easier to use. not only is it going to take you to a whole new world (...) i will say you have no idea what you will be doing until you get this home. and i mean that. you are going to discover things on the amazon appstorec13 will start cooking. maybe learn a language. and did you know this will read to you? in a different language it could read a book to you to your kids. that is scratching the surface. have you heard of amazon?you can downloaded application and turn this into a 7 in. gps. y
good friend todd english. he is bringing us the green pen technology will be featuring cookie sheets cake and squared this will launch tonight at midnight please some is that it will be our very best value of the tomorrow we have more of ourfan shot coming your way to please all messed up rear guard to get all of football gets covered will be right back. [commercial] [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: multicolor luck are football fans shot continues here hsn, my goodness our model does not taken down. we are done i am walking off. that's great if that is one of the paris players. >>host: this is one of home team vision serve buff throat the measure 60 in. by 80 in. they get soft fur with each squash and use. wear run off for you to flex payments plus reduce shipping and handling. this is a great time to buy them for absolutely everybodydaughters, neighbors ago as as as possible throughout our teams and antthony will explain the and team spirit if you see your team that means we your team available but we do not know how long it will last because were getting to the final quantit
that combine humor and technology to tell better stories to make the world less horrible. so day job night job command between sleep job. it's all i think about right now. i want to be one of those makers, not one of the stickers. >> how has having a black president affected your work? >> well, it gives me one other job that is excessive amount, which is great. you can add that to a list of the ag and athletes and sassy black woman, also president. that's pretty cool. expanded the range for one particular job. .. this is booktv on c-span 2. >> pulitzer prize-winning, william kennedy describes albany and "o albany!: improbable city of political wizards, fearless ethnics, spectacular aristrocrats, splendid nobodies, and underrated scoundrels." book tv spoke with mr. kennedy during a recent visit to albany with the help of our partner, time warner cable. >> albany honey bad rap for a very long time because of the politics are one thing, but even way back, way back in the building of the capital in 1870. stanford right, the great architect is working on the capital, hh richardson, a lot of other m
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)